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Hanan Blood Pressure

NPN 80046193

Blood pressure Combination is formulated on three bases.
To protect the cardiovascular system.
To balance the blood flow.
To have a full kidney function
By supporting the three above, you will deal mostly with the reasons for your blood pressure low or high. Blood pressure formula reduces blood vessel constriction by inhibiting ACE. It achieves proper relaxation and dilation of the artery walls. It also makes sure a proper elimination of water from the blood and proper kidney dysfunction. Blood pressure formula will deal with the water retention and inflammation, also provides the arteries with full spectrum nutrients and antioxidants for optimal healthy heart, arteries’ wall cells and functions.     NO side effect. Hypoallergenic formula.


Fish Peptides 400mg 
Celery Seed 50mg 
Corn Silk 100mg 
Passionflower Extract 50mg 
Aliginic Acid 100mg 
Uva Ursi Extract 50mg