Hanan Dementia 120Caps

Hanan Dementia 120Caps

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Hanan Dementia

Dementia and cognitive function issues are on the rise.

With brain disease forecasted to outrun the heart disease epidemic of today’s health worry. With a combination of factors to account for including multiple concussions, amalgam fillings, aluminum products everywhere and other issues to consider as potential increased risk, not to mention genetic predisposition - environmental and mental stress including hormone disrupters that are ever prevalent in todays plastics. It’s not really shocking to see that brain disease is on the rise. There are lots of healthy things, precautions and supplements we can take in to account for prevention and healing.

This formula is for anyone whom has dementia or brain fog/memory loss. Deals with right side of the brain, the command centre for the human body.  It will enlarge the capacity of the storage area in the brain, so we can store and retrieve more.  This is designed to bi-pass the barrier in the brain to carry oxygen, nutrients including sugars and essential fats.

Additional suggestions. Eating lots of greens to increase good bacteria in the gut is very helpful in stimulating positive hormonal relationships with Neurotransmitter signals. Keeping the digestive and nervous system balance, also helps to balance the endocrine system and in turn helps to keep inflammation down, circulation increased and the brain in a more healthy state.