Hanan Liver (LC R25) Liquid 500ml

Hanan Liver (LC R25) Liquid 500ml

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Hanan Liver Formula

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Sluggish feeling, suffer from Eczema, Acne, Rosacea, Skin disorders. Tired of feeling tired? Want to cleanse? Did you know that you can regenerate liver tissue? Pretty cool huh? Did you know there is a correlation between skin issues and the liver? A healthy Liver regulates sugar, fat, protein in the blood stream. It removes bilirubin, ammonia and other toxins in the blood. Your liver processes and converts nutrients like Vitamins A, Iron and other minerals. It produces cholesterol and other important proteins, also clotting factors - chemicals to help blood clot. It breaks down (metabolizes) alcohol and many drugs.

So wow - holy moly! This organ is vital and very important for feeling awesome. Our liver formula is used in a variety of ways from a basic cleanse to aiding in liver issues.  Contact us for best usage guidance to achieve your desired results. A unique feature in our cleanses is the toxins are flushed through the digestive system gently so this formula won’t leave you in a need to avoid people situation. It is safe to take daily and for prolonged periods. May alter colour of stools.

Additional suggestions. Eat beets every day.

One of the main ingredients in our formula is silymarin, a standardized extract of the Milk thistle seeds which is a plant that has been used for over two millennia in the treatment of liver disease. Currently there is lots of research being implemented and data being collected. This is a primary ingredient in our formula, but the chemistry of the combination is where they results become so amazing.  

Created for persons whom are smoker’s/drinkers or are exposed to unhealthy environments. This is formulated to aid in regenerating the liver. The liver can be flushed out and rebuilt with the proper aids. Liver problems, skin problems. Suggest 2tbsp a day for prevention or light cleanse, more serious problems 2tbsp 6 times per day. Great for flaky dry scalp.



Silimaryn (Milk Thistle) 50mg
Beet Root 50mg
Dandelion Root


Black Cohosh 50mg
Schizandra 50mg
Alfalfa 50mg
Budham Bark 50mg
Rosemary 50mg
Other ingredient:  liquid base