Hanan Sleep Formula 60Caps

Hanan Sleep Formula 60Caps

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Hanan's Sleep Formula

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Riddled with sleepless nights and the ripple effects that moods and life encounter fromyucky sleeping patterns? We hear you and you have come to the right spot, we totally get how imperative sleep is to run your body.mind and soul properly. Our healing, metabolism, creativity and immunity are just few aspects of being that rely on sleep for optimum wellness. Our relationship’s, work and well everything count on our ZZZZ’s for wellness.

Our Sleep Formula is Non habit forming. Meaning you can take it regularly until you get into a good sleep schedule and then you can take as needed. Sleep deprivation can be from not producing enough melatonin, and in this case serotonin needs to be stimulated. Sleep deprivation can also be from too much stress - mental or physical and this formula incorporates melatonin and also a combination to relax the nervous system and calm restless thoughts. 

This formula replenishes melatonin and increased serotonin production. Dose can be repeated if you wake, may take up to 17 day to start to feel the benefits. Prolonged sleep issues should be addressed by your Health Practitioner. Sometimes medications can create underlying sleep issues - so it’s always best to consult your Health Practitioner.

Other considerations. Eat a well balanced diet and Exercise, With exercise you pull stress out of organs and into the muscles. Meditation helps you to create more health output of hormones and calm your mind. Keep lights low a few hours before bed so your brain will stimulate melatonin production. Did you know blue screens mimic the morning blue sky and trigger your brain to wake up. Ditch the technology before bed.