Naka Formula Mariendistel 110caps


Naka Milk Thistle NPN 80038091 Milk Thistle is an effective aid for detoxifying, better digestion and long-term health.  It helps maintain liver function and is excellent for people who are consuming alcohol, smoking or eating fatty foods. Milk Thistle capsules can help to protect your kidneys, lower cholesterol, assist with skin problems, promote better digestion, elimination and liver regeneration, plus...

A.VOGEL Boldocynara 50ml tincture Digestion - Liver Cleanse


A. VOGEL Boldocynara NPN 0202475 This liver cleanse formula is a combination of Artichoke, Milk thistle, Boldo and Dandelion. A.Vogel Boldocynara is valuable when fat digestion is a problem. Improves digestion by increasing bile secretion. Composition Each mL (33 drops) contains the following tinctures: Medicinal ingredients: Fresh Artichoke leaf* (Cynara scolymus) (1:30) 0.467 mL equivalent to 14 mg leaf;Milk Thistle...

Naka Pro Oregano+Black Cumin Seed Oil 30ML


Naka Pro Oregano + Black Cumin Seed Oil NPN 80053523 Naka Professional Brings you an antioxidant for the maintenance of good health. Pro Oregano from Naka is an Organic Wild Mediterranean Oregano supplement that provides 80% carvacrol minimum and is also blended with black seed oil to add to it's potency. Oil from the oregano plant fights infection by viruses,...

A. VOGEL Milk Thistle 50ml


A. VOGEL Milk Thistle NPN 80003324 Milk Thistle is used to treat liver, spleen and gall bladder disorders. This liver care remedy promotes liver and gall bladder health and relieves liver pain symptoms. A.Vogel’s Milk Thistle extract is prepared with great care. The silky hairs covering the Milk Thistle fruit are removed so that only the fruit is used in...

Naka Pro Emulsified D With K2 30ML


Naka PRO Emulsified Vitamin D with K2 NPN 80060918 MAINTAIN WELLNESS WITH PRO EMULSIFIED VITAMIN D + VITAMIN K2 Pro Emulsified Vitamin D + Vitamin K2 from Naka is an easy to take form of Vitamin D + Vitamin K2 that is safe for all ages. Naka's Pro Emulsified Vitamin D + Vitamin K2 has superior bioavailability helping the body...

Naka Pro Organic Black Seed Oil 240ml


Naka Pro Organic Black Seed Oil 240ml Naka Pro Organic Black Seed - Virgin organic black cumin seed oil is a cold-pressed oil used as an antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial supplement. The oil's unique compounds crystalline nigellone and thymoquinone can help with various respiratory ailments and as a digestive tonic. Black Seed oil is an excellent source of linoleic acid....

Naka Pro Liver 120VCaps


Naka Pro Liver NPN 80078413 Milk Thistle is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as a hepatoprotectant/ liver protectantSupport liver functionHelp relieve digestive disturbances/dyspepsiaProvides antioxidants for the maintenance of good healthHelp increase bile flow (choleretic)

Naka Organice Milk Thistle 250mg

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Naka Organic Milk Thistle 250mg Formulated by Naka Platinum, Milk Thislte is 80% Silymarin & is standardized to provide an optimal supplement to support detoxification. Naka Platinum Milk Thistle is organic and is an herbal remedy that supports liver function, digestive disturbances and overall detoxification.

Bell Milk Thistle with ALA 90 Capsules

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Bell Milk Thistle with ALA 90 Capsules Milk thistle is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as a liver protectant. Helps to support liver function. Used in Herbal Medicine to help alleviate digestive disturbances. Provides antioxidants for the maintenance of good health. Protects the brain and nerves, while also supporting normal blood glucose levels. Many athletes supplement with ALA to support...

AOR D-Glucarate + Milk Thistle


AOR D-Glucarate + Milk Thistle Promotes DetoxificationA herb and nutrient formula that protects and regenerates the liverSupports liver function and protects cells from carcinogensA unique formula that enhances the important detoxification process known as glucuronidationSupports normal cell growth Corn Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Soy Free, Vegan DetailsD-Glucarate Milk Thistle is designed to support detoxification and overall liver health and function....

BELL Kidney Cleanse & Function Tea 120g


BELL Kidney Cleanse & Function Tea NPN 80048584 Formulated to help support and maintain sound kidney health. Helps address early symptoms of mild urinary tract infections such as burning sensation during urination and/or frequent urination. Stinging nettle, uva-ursi, and parsley are natural diuretics. This therapeutic tea formulation also has natural cleansing properties. Tastes great hot or iced! Kidney Cleanse & Function...

A. VOGEL Cystoforce 50ml tincture


A. VOGEL Cystoforce NPN 80009777 Bladder problems and urinary tract irritations are debilitating. A.Vogel Cystoforce relieves these ailments thanks to its astringent and diuretic properties. Composition Each mL (20 drops) contains tinctures of: Medicinal ingredients: Fresh Wild Bearberry herb (Arctostaphylos uva ursi) (ratio 1:2) ...0.74 mL, equivalent to 359 mg fresh herb;Fresh organically grown Echinacea herb* (Echinacea purpurea) (ratio 1:2.6)...

A.O.R Liver Support 90Vcaps*


AOR Liver Support Responsible for over 500 biological functions such as detoxification, energy storage, bile production, hormone regulation and the processing of nutrients absorbed from the diet, the liver may just be the body’s hardest working organ. Clearly, proper liver function is essential to good health. Unfortunately many apparently healthy people have suboptimal liver function, a factor which can lead...

A.O.R Chanca Piedra 500mg 90Vcaps*


AOR Chanca Piedra Chanca Piedra is the Spanish name given to the herb Phyllanthus niruri that is native to the Amazonian region of South America. The term “Chanca Piedra” literally means “to break stone” which reflects its traditional use in treating kidney stones and gallstones.  Modern clinical trials have suggested that it deals with these painful conditions extremely effectively by...