Martin Clinic Navitol Ultra Strength 60 Caps


Martin Clinic Navitol Ultra Get more energy Improve Brain Health Boost your immune system

Martin Clinic Super D3 180 Caps


Martin Clinic Super D3 Contains 4000 IU of Vitamin D3 Easy to swallow, tiny gel caps Ideal for higher vitamin D3 dosing Whole Body Every cell in every organ responds to vitamin D. People with low blood levels of Vitamin D live shorter lives. Healthy vitamin D levels is essential for everything and benefits all conditions. Research has shown that...

Martin Clinic Clinical Gold Probiotic Complex 90 Caps


Martin Clinic Clinical Gold Probiotic Complex Each capsule contains 50 billion probiotics Contains 11 specifically chosen strains for maximum results No need to refrigerate    

Martin Clinic Clinical Gold B12 75 Sublingual Tabs


Martin Clinic Clinical Gold B12 5000mcg get more energy active coenzyme form of B12 get better skin, hair and nails tremendous for brain health Recommended Dose (Adults):Take 1 tablet per day placed under the tongue or as directed by a health care professional. Ingredients (Per Tablet): Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)5000 mcg Non-medicinal Ingredients:Lactose, Microcrystalline cellulose, Croscarmellose sodium, Magnesium stearate (vegetable source)....

Martin Clinic Navitol with Omega 60 Caps


Martin Clinic Navitol with Omega Formulated for your heart and brain Contains our Pine Bark Extract to help you get more energy Contains 200 mg of Ubiquinol, a far superior form of CoQ10 Contains Omega-3's Energy The number one reason why people visit their health practitioner is low energy. We have designed both our Navitol Ultra and Navitol with Omega...

Martin Clinic Magnesium Citrate 90 Caps


Martin Clinic Magnesium Citrate Highly absorbable magnesium Essential for bone and muscle health Vital for proper heart and brain function Strong Bones Magnesium is absolutely needed to transport calcium across cell membranes. This is vital to having healthy, strong bones. Brain Magnesium is an important mineral for brain and mental health. symptoms of magnesium deficiency included irritability, insomnia, muscle weakness,...

Martin Clinic Inflammex 120 Caps


Martin Clinic Inflammex Contains powerful nutrients for joint, muscle, ligament, and tendon health Recommended for all types of inflammation, regardless of location Super Food We’ve included the powerhouse nutrient, green lipped mussel extract. This superfood contains omega-3’s, amino acids and minerals. Studies have shown that green lipped mussel extract has joint-protecting properties. It also is a tremendous natural anti-inflammatory. Inflammation...