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Matrix Aromatherapy Locket - OM

The word OM refers to the sacred sound that creates harmony in the body when spoken. The sound symbolizes creation and the infinite by connecting our inner world to the world beyond. The OM is referred to as the pulse of the universe and the source of our being.

Crafted from polished 316L surgical stainless steel this essential oil diffuser necklace allows you to experience a gradual diffusion of your essential oils throughout your day, wherever you go. Whether you’re using essential oils as a natural perfume, or for therapeutic benefits, this diffuser necklace ensure you will look great while using them.

To use, simply add your favorite essential oil blend to the included aromatherapy pad. After a few uses, the pad may begin to lose absorbency and need to be replaced. Refill pads in a variety of colors are available from Matrix Aromatherapy.

Comes with 1 diffuser necklace, 20 inch chain, and three aromatherapy pads (White, Black, Purple).