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Omega Alpha Colloidal Silica

Silica is an overlooked trace mineral which is necessary for life and involved in bodily functions and metabolic reactions. The human body contains approximately 7 grams of silicon, which is present in various tissues and body fluids.

Colloidal silica is a suspension of fine spherical silica particles in a liquid state. The advantage of a colloidal form of silica is that it does not sediment and is highly absorbable.
The benefits of silica include:
●  Assisting calcium for the growth and maintenance of joints and bones
●  Builds strong teeth
●  Decreases formation of plaques in the arteries
●  Encourages the growth of thick and healthy hair
●  Helps in healing processes
●  Helps in strengthening the bones
●  Increases collagen          
●  Increases luster and shine of hair
●  Influences the absorption of minerals in the body
●  Maintains healthy blood vessels
●  Maintains healthy tissues which deteriorate during aging
●  Prevents aluminum toxicity
●  Prevents bone loss
●  Prevents brittleness of nails
●  Prevents the skin from becoming flabby and restores its natural glow
●  Restores the mucosa of the respiratory tract