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Pure-le Fiber Rific + Enzymes

Endure your digestive, and immune systems with the shelf stable fiber, prebiotic and enzyme supplement that is pure, natural, and 97% fiber.

Fiberrific can be mixed in any soft food, hot or cold liquid. Full of benefits with no change in taste or texture. Fiberrific is a fine powder similar to icing sugar in appearance it is comprised of a 100% natural, completely soluble, grit-free edible fibre extracted from chicory roots called instantized inulin. Instantized inulin is a superior, purified type of inulin. It mixes very well, offers a high concentration of fibre, has no taste and is ZERO Calories.

Directions :

Add to your favorite drink or soft food and enjoy twice daily.


1 teaspoon up to 3 times daily.


Instant Inulin 4 g, 100mg of digestive enzymes (amylase (7,667 DU), lactase (1,278 ALU) lipase (1,150 FIP), neural protease (319 PC), cellulase (64 CU)