Hanan Bio-Active Whey Unflavored 4lb

Hanan Bio-Active Whey Unflavored 4lb

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Hanan Bio-Active Whey

NPN 80050900

Hanan Bio-Active Whey is one of the purest whey isolates on the market. Loaded with 27g of protein, zero sugars, only 1.6 g carbohydrate. Free from GMO, saturated fats, fillers, articficial colours and flavours, soya, gelatin, and additives. This protein also contains digestive enzymes along with glutathione which is a fantastic antioxidant.


Free- Flowing Bio-Active whey protein isolate and digestive enzyme (protease, amylase & lipase)
Nutritional Facts  
 1 scoop (30g)  
Calories 50  
Fat 0g  
   Saturated 0g  
   +Trans 0g  
Polyunsaturated 0g  
Cholesterol 9.1mg  
Sodium 3mg  
Potassium 50mg  
Carbohydrate 1.6g  
   Fiber 0g  
   Sugars 0g  
Protein 27 g  
Vitamin A 200iu
Calcium 280mg
Iron 1mg
Niacin 5mg
Magnesium 5mg
Lipase 700FIP
Amylase 8000DU
Protease 11000HUT
Ph 6