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Hanan Lung Formula

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Do you ever wonder about the myriad of environmental gunk we breathe in? Do you suffer from allergies, lung conditions, or just feel like you want to help build strong clean healthy lung tissue? 

This formula is one of those incredible life transforming creations that just makes you breath easy fast. For many they notice a difference in just one or two uses. Cool fact about one of our prime ingredients Lung Wort *In the early 1600s, a theory known as the "Doctrine of Signatures" was widely accepted.

Essentially the foundation of this practice was that plants resembling certain human physical attributes were believed to be beneficial to the part of the body they resembled. It was during this time that lungwort–which resembles the tissue inside the lungs–was discovered to be an effective remedy for respiratory ailments. 

This formula stays refrigerated and is truly Excellent for persons working in unhealthy environments, or whom suffer from lung/ respiratory conditions, also as an expectorant for dry coughs. This opens up the pours in the lung gently so the body will absorb toxins and cleanse them through liver and will be excreted in stool. From 1-6tbsp per day. Please consult your health Care practitioner or us for best usage for your needs.



Fir Blossom Extract 50mg
Fennel Seeds 50mg
Fenugreek Seeds


Elcampane Root 50mg
Rosemary 100mg
Caraway Seeds 50mg
Anise Seeds 50mg
Hyssop Extract 50mg
Cardamom Seed Extract 50mg
Chamomile 50mg
Lungwort 50mg
Other ingredient:  liquid base