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Hanan Memories

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This is intended as a powerful supplement to increase The capacity of your brain storage and retrieving info fast for the long term memory or short term memory.

 It aids in increasing circulation brings nutrients and oxygen to the brain by passing the brain barrier. This revolutionary formula  is highly appreciated by those with the struggles of stress, insomnia, and dementia related memory loss.  Some interesting properties included in our formula consist of acetyl l-carnitine; which is preferred for the brain and nervous system because the acetyl enables the molecules to cross the blood-brain barrier more easily.

Also adding synthesis is acetylcholine which is a primary neurotransmitter in the brain. It is revered in Asia for the nervous system and the brain, Lion’s mane may be the first smart mushroom offering support for memory,  attention, creativity and cognitive function. Bacopa, popular in ayurvedic medicine, balances neurotransmitters, stress hormones, creating a healthy environment for the brain thus improving cognitive function. These are just a few of the key players. But we have taken ingredients revered world-wide to create this powerful formula.