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Alpha MCT Boost

Alpha MCT Boost - A convenient energy boost for coffee, shakes and more! MCT Boost medium chain triglyc­erides are emulsified and do not require a blender to use. Simply stir into coffee, juice, smoothies, or tea, to give them a rich, creamy, and delicious boost of energy. Medium chain triglycerides (including lauric acid) are the most beneficial fats found in coconut oil and are efficiently absorbed and easy to metabolize. 

Each tablespoon (15 ml) contains:
Modified coconut oil (medium chain triglycerides), purified water, gum arabic, sorbic acid.    
Calories   70
Fat   7 g
Saturated   7 g
Trans   0 g
Cholesterol   0 mg
Sodium   0 mg
Carbohydrate   1 g
Dietary fibre   0 g
Sugars   0 g
Protein   0 g
Directions: Start with 1 tsp per day and build to tolerated level to avoid stomach upset and/or cramping. Not recommended for cooking. Store at room temperature and use within 6 months of opening.