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St. Francis Coconut Oil Liquid

A healthful combination of coconut oil and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs)

• Combines the best of two worlds

• Stays liquid and non-rancid at room temperature

• In easy to use, pourable form

Coconut Oil:

• Described by Dr. Oz as having “superpowers”, while Dr. Mercola calls its properties “near miraculous”

• A heart-healthy food that helps prevent cardiovascular problems

• With lauric acid that helps regulate thyroid function and lower cholesterol

• Natural antimicrobial qualities that help the body fend off viruses and bacteria, as well as yeast, fungus, and candida

• A natural antioxidant that mitigates the effects of aging, particularly on the skin

• Exciting new research shows that coconut oil stimulates the body’s production of ketones, which have been called a “superfood for the brain”, holding all kinds of promise for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs):

• A highly important natural constituent of coconut oil

• An abundant source of healthy fats that help in weight loss

• Works in synergistic tandem with coconut oil to stimulate the production of ketones

• Promotes a more rapid initial ketosis (i.e. rise in ketone levels) than does coconut oil, where the ketosis is steadier and longer-lasting

• Unique nature of its ketosis makes it an ideal therapeutic complement to coconut oil


Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Medium Chain Triglycerides