Sajid Ali – Advice in Herbs &Integrative Microscopy

Sajid Ali, providing advice for improved health and integrative microscopy (live blood analysis) will now be available at Paris Natural Foods; one of Sudbury’s greatest gems. Mr. Ali’s skills and knowledge allow him to select the ideal approach for you to regain your health. With a vast array of training, degrees, and diplomas in many health systems from Homeopathy, Natural Medicine, Naturopathy, and Herbology to name a few, Sajid Ali aims to bring balance to your body when it is misaligned. Misalignment in the body can come in many forms of acute or chronic diseases, syndromes, and mechanical injuries. Mr. Ali does not practice Naturopathy nor is he a Doctor of Natural Medicine.

Throughout his career, Mr. Ali continues to perform his own extensive research resulting in the development of hundreds of proven herbal formulations. As a result of many years of research, Mr. Ali has acquired superior skills in formulating alternative medicines to address chronic and general health problems. Mr. Ali is also highly accomplished in compounding and altering natural ingredients into custom herbal formulas, such as herbal teas, tablets, capsules, powdered herbs, and essential oil blends.

Book an Appointment with Sajid

Mr. Ali will be available for consultation at Paris Natural Foods every 4th week of the month. He will be at the store from 9:00 AM till 6:00 PM.

Please click here to book an appointment online. You can also call 647-979-7051 and book an appointment over the phone. Please double check the contact information, including your contact phone number, for accuracy as we will be contacting you to confirm your appointment.

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