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Bell Body Renewal
formerly "Fertalin"

Made with polyamines (organic compounds) that also occur in plant foods such as oats, corn, cucumbers and radishes.
Polyamines are found in all cells in the human body.
Formulated to help the body deal with stress and keep cortisol levels in check.*
Provides antioxidants to help protect cells from free radical damage.
Helps reduce the risk of selenium deficiency.*
Beneficial for women and men.
Contains a three month supply for one person or it can be utilized as a forty-five day supply for a couple.

Body Renewal is formulated with polyamines that address both male and female hormone imbalances. Polyamines are organic compounds that occur in nature in such plants as radishes, corn, cucumbers, and oats. There are hundreds of organic compounds / phytochemicals in the fruits and vegetables we eat and scientists are just beginning to discover the extent of their healing properties.*

* Results may vary from one person to another

Ingredients: Spermidine 2.5 mg, Spermine 2.5 mg, Selenium 100 mcg.

Suggested Use: Adults: Take 1 tablet, once daily with water.