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Ultimate Migraine Relief is an all-natural herbal dietary formula with no known side-effects and has been clinically tested on people who experience daily migraine pain (many of these subjects have relied on drugs to curb their constant migraines). When those experiencing migraines took two Ultimate Migraine Relief capsules a day as a preventative, 100% of the subjects became migraine-free.

When you take Ultimate Migraine Relief daily, you unleash a three-pronged attack on your head pain:

  • It controls your sensitivity to pain
  • Regulates blood vessel inflammation
  • Sets the basal muscle tone level in the cerebral vessel walls

Juniper berry: regulates the production of biochemical compounds responsible for enhancing the activity of pain receptors and pain signal transmission, thereby dulling the pain signals.

Goldenrod and Dandelion: reduce the toxic burden to the liver and help flush out the system, thereby helping to modulate a healthy inflammation response.

Meadowsweet and Willow Bark: contain a wide variety of natural salicin compounds that exert powerful pain relieving effects upon the brain – without adverse side effects or allergic reactions – and also interfere with pain signal transmission.

Whole Grape Extract: contains powerful antioxidant compounds to reduce the negative effects of high inflammatory messengers.

Patent-pending Plant-Based Delivery System: clinically shown to enhance the overall bioavailability and effectiveness of the other ingredients within the formula.