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CLM Ateronon (The Tomato Pill)

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  • The 'tomato pill' recommended in the media
  • For people with cholesterol concerns
  • One-a-day capsules to help relieve cholesteron concern
  • Highly bioavailable lycopene-based formulation
  • Supports cholesterol levels bu helping to inhibit oxidative stress

Ateronon is the result of seven years research and clinical trials by cambridge scientists. Ateronon is a highly bioavailable, lycopene-based food supplement using a patented nestle formulation, to help support cardiovascular health and healthy cholesterol levels by helping to inhibit oxidative stress.therefore ateronon may help to keep cholesterol levels low and healthy to reduce the stress and risk of heart disease and disease of the arteries. Ateronon capsules, along with a healthy balanced diet may help to lower cholesterol to let you get on with your day. The benefits of ateronon has been published on the 7th jan 2013 in the daily mail click here to review the articalthough lycopene can be naturally extracted from tomatoes, in its raw form lycopene's inherently large crystals make it difficult for the body to absorb. Research with ateronon has identified a way to break down the large lycopene crystals showing that much higher absorption rates can be achieved increasing the body's ability to derive the full benefit from this powerful natural antioxidant.