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Ecover Zero Dishwasher Powder

Power away stubborn, stuck-on food for spot-free, sparkling clean dishes. Made with renewable plant-based & mineral ingredients, our biodegradable, phosphate-free dishwasher powder packs a punch without any harsh chemicals. That way, you can feel good about everything that comes out of your dishwasher.


Sodium sulfate Improves surfactant activity Mineral Improves the efficiency of a powder, allowing you to use smaller quantities.
Sodium carbonate Water softener Mineral This softens water by binding with calcium and magnesium molecules and allowing the active ingredients to do their job.
Sodium citrate Water softener Made from plant sugars This softens water by binding with minerals and allowing the active ingredients to do their job.
Sodium chloride Viscosity regulator Mineral Sodium chloride is the scientific name for table salt. Salt regulates the thickness of the product and keeps the other ingredients stable.
Sodium percarbonate Bleaching agent Mineral Percarbonate is an oxidizing bleach without the environmental effects of some bleaching agents.
Sodium metasilicate pH corrector Mineral This comes from a widely abundant mineral. Its job is to maintain the correct pH level in your washing machine.
Sodium polyitaconate Water softener and dispersant Fermented plant sugars Controls hard water effects during cleaning and helps to suspend soil. Non-toxic to skin and readily biodegrable.
Alcohol Ethoxylate Fragrance emulsifier Biodegrades readily; derived from synthetic sources Even though this ingredient comes from synthetic materials, it biodegrades readily and is


this means that a product is unlikely to cause an adverse health effect in normal or foresee

in use.
Protease Stain removal Fermented plant sugars This enzyme helps improve stain removal by breaking down protein and starch-based stains like blood and egg.
Amylase Stain removal Fermented plant sugars Enzymes help break down stains which is great for your dirty laundry. This enzyme is produced by a fermentation process.