Hanan Joint Flex 120caps

Hanan Joint Flex 120caps

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Hanan Joint Flex Capsules

Hanan Enterprise brings to the market the most complete joint health formula. This product contains cold extracted herbs to help build up the cartilage in joints fast as well as anti-inflammatory ingredients to help bring the pain and inflammation down immediately. The glucosamine in this product is shell fish free making it a suitable choice for anyone with joint pain. Intended for rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and osteoarthritis and designed to assimilate fast in the body for quick pain relief.



Fish collagen 400mg
Glucosamine HCL 800mg
Sea Cucumber 


Hydrolysed Gelatin 400mg
Boswelia 100mg
Yucca Root Extract 100mg
Bromelain 200mg
Velvet Antler 100mg
Tumeric Extract 200mg
MSM 400mg
Strontium Citrate 50mg
Rosemary Extract 100mg
Other ingredient: Magnesium stearate  
Natural Gelatin Capsule