Hubner Milk Thistle 500ml

Hubner Milk Thistle 500ml

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Hubner Milk Thistle

NPN 2058979

Hubner/Naka's Milk Thistle is one of the best on the market. In a great tasting base of seabuckthorne, this product not only cleanses, detoxifies and restores functionality to the liver it also helps improve internal organ aging by repairing oxidative stress and tissue on a cellular level. For serious liver complaints such as fatty liver, cirrhosis of the liver and/or slugging liver. Due to a liquid format this product has far superior absorption then milk thistle capsules to get in there and cleanse the liver fast! 


Milk Thistle fruits 870mg
In a non medicinal base of sea buckthorn berry  
pulp, fructose, potassium sorbate and vitamin C.