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BCAA FX3™ is an amazingly advanced scientific supplement technology. That is much more effective than traditional (Branched Chain Amino Acids) supplements. The ethyl ester technology we use allows the BCAAs to be way more bio-available. They are not broken down by the body as quick as normal amino acids do. They can enter the blood stream from the GI tract in tact. Regular BCAAs are degraded rapidly, leaving small amounts of the original dose active (1, 2). Scientifically, without adequate intake of BCAA FX3™ it is impossible to build muscle tissue and increase strength (3). MVP continues efforts to innovate the worlds most potent Ethyl Ester HCl Compounds.

MVP Biotech® is the first to bring you our latest and most profound muscle building innovation, the BCAA FX3™ Ethyl Esters. The powerful BCAA FX3 ™ contains muscle building aminos and utilizes InstaSorb Technology (Ethyl Ester HCL based (4, 5)) that makes our products up to several times more effective.