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If you’re an Active Individual or Athlete who is interested in making gains in lean muscle mass, increasing strength and dropping fat, HMB™ is a must to add to your action plan. HMB (B-hydroxy-B-methylbutyrate monohydrate) is the metabolite of the amino acid leucine and has been shown to suppress exercise-induced muscle tissue breakdown, fatigue, and soreness (1).

RECOMMENDED DOSE (ADULTS): Take two (2) capsules, three (3) times per day.

Research has indicated that everyone – even the elderly – can increase muscle mass and reduce body fat through the use of HMB (2, 3). The benefits attributable to HMB do not stop here! This supplement also can be possibly important for boosting your immune response and wound healing (4, 5), improves your aerobic performance through its effect on peak oxygen consumption (6).

NON-MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS:Magnesium stearate, gelatin.