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NOW Taurine 

Assists in lipid metabolism to support and maintain healthy heart function. Taurine is an organic sulfonic acid, derived from the amino acid, cysteine that is found in the lower intestine and in small amounts, in the tissues of many animals, including humans. Taurine is commonly found in a variety of meats and animal by-products. Unfortunately, physical activity depletes our taurine reserves faster than most people can produce it. As a result, athletes are one group of individuals at the greatest risk for deficiency, and stand to benefit the most from supplementing with this life-crucial nutrient.

Taurine, or 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, was originally discovered in ox (Bos taurus) bile and was named after taurus (bull). A non-essential amino acid-like compound, taurine is found in high abundance in the tissues of many animals, especially sea animals, and in much lower concentrations in plants, fungi, and some bacteria. As an amine, taurine is important in several metabolic processes of the body, including stabilizing cell membranes in electrically active tissues, such as the brain and heart. It also has functions in the gallbladder, eyes, and blood vessels, and may have some antioxidant and detoxifying properties. As a catalyst to general amino acid efficiency as well as one of the most abundant amino acids in the human body, taurine has a number of useful health benefits. As a key constituent of bile acids, it helps the body absorb other nutrients with greater ease while moderating healthy cellular activity. It has also been known to exhibit antioxidant properties that may help protect macular regions of the eye.


Adult Dosage: Take 2 capsules 1-4 times daily with juice or water between meals. Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 7 weeks.