PNF Curcumin 500mg 120 VCaps

PNF Curcumin 500mg 120 VCaps

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PNF Curcumin

With 95% active ingredient Turmeric.
Natural anti-inflammatory support.
Digestive support, helpful for gas & bloating.
Provides antioxidant support.
Great for painful arthritis & joint injury.

Reduce Joint Pain Naturally with Curcumin

Extracted from top quality turmeric powder located in India, our Curcumin caps contain 95% active ingredient turmeric root. This perennial plant contains the active component curcumin, a yellow pigment which has been incorporated into Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. The turmeric extract, curcumin, is an ultra-powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Use Curcumin to spice up your health – and not just your cooking!

Turmeric the Antioxidant

Turmeric contains potent antioxidant chemicals, known as curcuminoids. They assist the body in neutralizing free radicals and help protect the liver from harmful toxins. Turmeric can be used to stop infections, protect the liver from toxins and may be useful in protecting the body against cancer-causing free radical damage.

Curcumin the Anti-Inflammatory

Don’t let your stiffened joints and muscle pain cramp your style – our curcumin doubles as a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement, attacking the inflammation at its very source.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis.  It usually has a gradual onset and begins after the age of forty.  The knees, hips, fingers and vertebrae are most commonly affected.  The joint deterioration is due to faulty or deficient repair of bone and cartilage in the joint.  The standard North American diet is deficient in the minerals necessary for proper joint repair; therefore it is not surprising that osteoarthritis is a common concern. Osteoarthritis causes stiffness and joint pain on motion.

The same curcuminoid molecules have also proven to impede inflammation, acting as a natural pain relieving agent.  Turmeric has been shown to improve joint mobility and reduce the pain and swelling associated with all forms of arthritis.  The activity curcumin performs within the body is equivalent to the effect of some NSAID drugs, without all of the harmful side effects. 

Turmeric is your answer to inflammation and stomach complaints. As an anti-inflammatory, turmeric may regulate the factors in your body that are linked with inflammation. Add this powerful plant to your nutrition regime.

Each Capsule Contains

Curcuma (Curcuma longa L.)(Rhizome) ..........................500mg