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St. Francis Coconut Oil Liquid

A healthful combination of coconut oil and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs)

• Combines the best of two worlds

• Stays liquid and non-rancid at room temperature

• In easy to use, pourable form

Coconut Oil:

• A heart-healthy food that helps prevent cardiovascular problems

• With lauric acid that helps regulate thyroid function and lower cholesterol

• Natural antimicrobial qualities that help the body fend off viruses and bacteria, as well as yeast, fungus, and candida

• A natural antioxidant that mitigates the effects of aging, particularly on the skin

• Exciting new research shows that coconut oil stimulates the body’s production of ketones, which have been called a “superfood for the brain”, holding all kinds of promise for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s


Certified Organic Coconut Oil, Medium Chain Triglycerides


Liquid Coconut Oil is used as you would use any culinary/cooking oil (e.g. olive oil). If you want to take it for medicinal purposes for ketosis as an aid in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, 5 tbsp per day are recommended. This can be taken straight or mixed in with other foods.