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Herbamare Sodium-free


An original and unique Swiss recipe of herbal seasoning suitable for sodium restricted diets. 

Use it as a condiment to perk up your recipes or at every meal to salt your food the healthy way.


Benefits of Herbamare Original:


- Can be used by those on a low sodium diet

- Free from artificial flavours and preservative

- No MSG

- Unique – contains 14 different herbs, vegetables and spices 

- Organic

- Kosher

- non-GMO 


Herbamare Sodium-free ingredients


Potassium chloride, leek*, onions*, bell pepper*, lovage*, horseradish*, thyme*, rosemary*, basil*, marjoram*, parsley*, celery*, lemon*, spinach*, garlic*, kelp.

*Certified organically grown by: bio.inspecta AG


What is Herbamare Sodium Free ?

Like all of the A.Vogel products, the raw ingredients are literally used immediately after harvesting: vegetables are brought in from the fields and finely chopped, mixed with kelp and potassium chloride and allowed to marinate: the mixture is then dried under vacuum. This process brings out the flavour of the vegetables, yielding a truly fresh condiment with a superior flavour.