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Naka Pro Platinum Bovine Collagen

NPN 80075579

Helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins
 Helps in the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums
 1 scoop of Pro Collagen = 9 caps
 Ease joint pain and inflammation
 Supports healthy skin, hair, and nails 
 Featuring 10,000 mg of bioactive bovine collagen peptides, Pro Collagen Extra Strength Powder has been clinically proven effective for joint, bone and skin health. Collagen is a factor in maintaining healthy cartilage and/or joint health, which is especially important as with age. Cartilage is the connective tissue disk that acts as a cushion and eliminates friction in your joints. Pro Collagen Extra Strength comes in a natural unflavoured mix.
Peptan Hydrolyzed Collagen
(BSE Free Biovine Source Halal Certified)
Non-Medicinal Ingredients: