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Natural Factors Acidophilus & Bifidus

Natural Factor's probiotic promotes good digestive health. It aids with parasite protection for travelers, keeps proper ph balance in the small intestine, can help prevent diarrhea due to antibiotic courses, help promote regular bowel movements, and helps reduce cholesterol levels. This product contains both milk and goat milk to help promote micro-flora growth. Suitable for all ages to help increase immune function and to restore/maintain intestinal flora


Total bacterial culture 5 billion cfu
Lactobacilus rhamnosus 4 billion cfu
Lactobacilus acidophilus 0.5 billion cfu
Bifidobacterium bifidum 0.5 billion cfu
 Non medicinal ingredients: lactose, whey powder, goat milk powder, gelatin, magnesium stearate, pectin, ascorbic acid, skim milk, trypticase soy broth, sucrose.